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Rainbow Kate coloring page from Shopkins. Happiness is makin' it happen in the Kitty Kitchen! Rainbow Kate, maceracı ve eğlenceli bir Shoppie'dir.

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Rainbow Kate image from Shopkins sheets.

Rainbow Kate is fair-skinned with light purple eyes, light purple freckles, and pink lips. But the artwork shows purple lips. Her curly purple, light blue, pink and blonde hair is loosely worn with straight bangs. She is wearing a blue top with a pink heart on it along with yellow ruffled sleeves and collar. The top of her two-layer skirt is pink with tiny colored dots, and the second layer of the skirt is rainbow-colored. She wears blue sandals with a yellow front and pink platform soles and lilac tights. Above her head is a fluffy yellow chef's hat with pink icing next to a white frosted cake with pink, purple and yellow inside. Whether her homeland is in Africa or traveling the world, Rainbow Kate is positive and thoughtful. His willingness to help can sometimes anger his friends, but his honesty and good-heartedness always win them over. He is a good problem solver, although he once had trouble reading numbers until Milly and Molly Cake Pop helped him out.