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How to Draw for Beginners

I Want to Draw: Simple Exercises for Beginners. Drawing lesson for your child aged 3-6. Contains basic illustrations. You are at the right address for free and printable How to Draw for Beginners activities.

1. Split Long Straight Lines

Everyone's interests and abilities are different. Especially those who want to paint can start painting by drawing first. In order to make easy drawings, it is necessary to start from the right step. If it is almost impossible to draw a long line, we can use short lines that we are more prone to. Just look at the picture below. The shorter the lines, the closer the picture will be to the original.

Let's say you want to draw a flower like the one below. You can see that it consists of a straight line, a perfect circle, and several curves at certain angles. I think you can slowly draw lines one at a time, dot-to-dot, until your tongue is sweating out. But why? Drawing is not that hard, it should be fun!

Technical drawing (straight lines, perfect circles) requires concentration. It's about drawing objects exactly as they are. Because style comes from difference, there is no room for creativity or personal style.
Make long lines shorter.
The more curved it is, the shorter the lines.
Touch the paper very lightly, do not press hard on your pen;
Do it fast!

2. You Can Create Your Own Style.

The easiest drawing methods must be determined before painting. Pencil is the most basic material of drawing while painting. Therefore, when starting to draw, a pencil should be used first. Beginners can apply light and shadow techniques to the drawings they are working on. The charcoal method can often be applied to improve drawings.

3. Choose pencil drawing and easy pages when drawing.

Charcoal rather than different paints can be used for drawings. In addition, when drawing, the easiest work should be started. Especially in order not to get discouraged, it is necessary not to start drawing portraits right away. At first, hand muscles can be strengthened by doing still life exercises. In this way, the correct pencil is held and correct drawing techniques are applied. While drawing easily, the work of great artists should also be studied in detail. The works of artists can be an important source of inspiration for drawing.

Correct methods should be used to draw step by step easily. Before starting the drawing, the right materials should be used. Especially with the help of black pencil, beautiful drawings can be made.

4. Walkthroughs for Easy Drawing Making

The object or subjects to be drawn should be determined with all its lines. You can also look at the drawings of great artists on the internet. Artists' drawings will inspire. In the first step, an object must be drawn over and over again with all its lines. Because the more practice, the more one can improve himself. Drawing areas and symmetrical details should also be checked in detail.

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