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Cheeky Chocolate coloring page. All of them (Shopkins) are placed on racks in special departments of the supermarket and are waiting for their customers.

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The important position of Cheeky Chocolate as the Artisan who shoots the Express has made him a proud, smug, arrogant, stubborn, haughty and arrogant person, and there is a valid reason for this; He is the fastest Shopkin in Shopville. He is extremely proud of it and tends to brag. But despite his smugness, he is kindhearted, always willing to forgive, and uses his superior strength to get the little Shopkins out of trouble. He is, however, vengeful and will plan revenge if he feels he is sufficiently underestimated, as mentioned earlier, he is happy to forgive, especially after he has served his sentence or received another punishment. He also has a great aversion to freight trains, though not as much as Donatina. Cheeky Chocolate hopes to get important passenger business due to its position in the North Western Railroad's social order, and either sulks when it doesn't get what it wants or is jealous of the Shopkins who get it.